Dee MacNiven RMT

After moving to Vancouver from her native Calgary, Dee graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2015 and fell quickly into and in love with the Health & Wellness field.

Previously working in an office for many years Dee understands how much of an effect the workplace can have on a body. Taking a holistic approach to pain, Dee tries to find and treat the source, while also getting you involved in the process of your own healing, finding this is key in long term recovery. Dee will often send you home with new stretches, tips on postural correction or suggestions on how to treat your pain at home.

Dee enjoys using Myofascial and Trigger point therapy, active and passive stretching, as well as joint mobilization to return alignment and relax muscle tone in her clients. She has experience treating many conditions, from sports related injuries and postural dysfunction, to pregnancy, tension and age related issues.

When Dee is not at the clinic, you will find her in the gym throwing around some big weights, running around the sea wall, camping in the sticks, or hiking around in the mountains.

Dee is available Monday, Thursday, and Friday