Barb Tyers RMT

Barb joins our team with a unique background that combines fitness and massage. She became a registered massage therapist (RMT) after 13 years as a personal trainer. Her journey began at University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in physical health and education while competing at an elite level in field hockey and ice hockey. After university she travelled and trained in Thai massage, which complemented her personal training business with the main focus on stretching. The next step was the 3000 hour RMT program at Utopia Academy and the provincial board exams, which she finished at the top of her class.

Her background knowledge of the body in sports and fitness help bring a different perspective to the hands on techniques she employs. Barb understands that every client is different and her treatments are personalized to their needs. Each session begins with an assessment and developing a treatment plan, which ties into the short and long term goals of the client. At the end of the session Barb gives recommendations for effective stretching and strengthening exercises as home care, facilitating recovery in between massage sessions.

Barb is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Yaletown Massage Therapy. If you have any questions email: